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Become a developer Full-Stack

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110 hours (27 weeks)


Theoretical - Practical


Fullstack solutions in an agile and fast way, which are based on Low-Code or Low-Code.

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Time is a very important factor when developing technology, in this bootcamp you will use kanecode, a framework that will allow you to automate processes and focus on the creative that adds value to your business

What am I going to learn at the Bootcamp?

  • ayout your website, create a data model and connect database
  • User administration and permission management
  • Fully customizable template application
  • Create forms to manage content
  • Dynamic page creation
  • New development trends that you can incorporate into your professional life
  • Graduate profile
  • Graduate students will be prepared to develop any type of web application, the back and the front, and be able to connect it with multiple platforms
  • Be a really Full Stack Low-Code developer with kanecode
  • Be able to create a dynamic and functional managed web portal
  • Develop and manage web applications
  • You can build a BackOffice where users can self-manage content and communicate with the site administrator, check the status of invoices and the score for their services. By users
  • Create digital projects in a short time, eliminating repetitive tasks and focusing on your creativity
  • Bootstrap course
  • 40 hours
  • Framework that combines CSS and JavaScript to style the elements of an HTML page. Allows much more than simply changing the color of buttons and links
  • Our platform at its best.
  • You will receive the amount of your investment with an access that allows you to do your projects in the private cloud with 9/5 help desk support, 5 programmers, 40GB storage, infrastructure customization, own domain and daily backup + 1 Snapshoot
  • Request information on prices and start date
  • Develop your full potential in the world of development
  • Limited quotas
  • Flexible payment options available

3 reasons to be a Low-Code
developer starting from scratch


500 million applications will be developed in the next 5 years.


In 2023, there will be 4 times more citizen developers than professional developers.


In 2024, 65% of the applications developed will be Low-Code. *

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