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Program Overview

We and our partners are a team. Kanecode recognizes that partners bring additional value and opportunities that help drive success for our mutual customers.

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What our partners can expect from us

  • Expand devops practice using high-demand tools
  • Professional & knowledgeable support during pre- and post-sales processes
  • Education programs that help our partners understand the possibilities
  • A certification program
  • Events & programs to drive success

What we expect from our partners

  • Help us grow our business through joint sales and marketing activities
  • Deliver true value to customers
  • Market knowledge and ability to keep pace with market changes
  • Attend events and connect with other partners to build innovative solutions.

Types of Partners

Software Development Companies

- Large operators can create Low-Code based solutions for business customers.

- Identify opportunities, promote and sell Kanecode products.

Service Providers

Companies selling business software solutions use Kanecode to boost their services portfolio.

Technology Providers

Companies can use Kanecode to update products and transform them into Low-Code solutions.

Economics benefits

Kanecode is your strategic partner. We help you increase your sales and profitability, expanding your portfolio of solutions and products with a Low-Code approach. We also reward your performance and initiative, together we achieve a more efficient, integrated and flexible process.


Marketing support and resources

We share both investments and activities. Our Channel Marketing plan is leveraged with the MDFs (Marketing Funds) that are a monetary benefit per quarter delivered to the channel according to a % of its sales and Co-Marketing activities. Its main benefits are that it does not limit the creativity of the plans proposed by our channels, easy to use and implement.


Market Place

Certified partners will be able to publish their products and services developed under Kanecode, in our Market Place, which will give them a showcase to increase their business, commercialization, achieve new clients and opportunities.


Projects developed with KaneCode

Licenses directly contracted and invoiced by the channel to Kanecode, the channel will obtain a discount of up to 20% for licenses negotiated and invoiced directly by the channel, it must comply with the obligations, commitments and payments, according to the contract. Directly by the client to KaneCode: (On premise and / or Cloud) will be billed 100% to KaneCode.


Additional incentive

For customers who sign directly with Kanecode, an additional incentive of 3% to 5% of the total license sales made in the year will be established, which will be added to the Channel Marketing Fund.

and resources

Kanecode Academy

Enhance developing, sales and technical habilities Trainning programs and Practical education. Certifications

Sales and Marketing

Colaboration in marketing activities and events. Pre Sales engineering support: expert knowledge for your business. Events: Exchange ideas, share success tips, and gain knowledge

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