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Complement great design with smart applications

The Kanecode Low-Code platform gives you easy-to-use application development tools for turning designs into applications or adding value to existing applications.

Friendly environment

Kanecode's visual development model is intuitive and easy to use.

One-click publishing

A finished application can be published online with the click of a button.

Help along the way

The Kanecode platform guides you as you begin to build an application. We make it easy to gain programming skills without a steep learning curve.

Focus on design. Automation handles the rest.

Start with what you know

If you already know how to use web builders, Low-Code development with Kanecode leverages that understanding. Go further than you thought possible, developing application processes and capabilities instead of just the interface.

Visual and intuitive

Our visual model is easier to use than traditional web builders. Drag-and-drop functionality gives you real-time control of your application. Automation takes care of the "heavy lifting" - enabling you to easily include robust capabilities with

Integration made simple

Design and develop an application without having to understand the complexities of integration with existing databases, applications, or systems. We have you covered.

your way

Design and build applications the way you want. It's that simple.

Unleash creativity

The Kanecode platform supports complete customization. Use any colors, create your own elements, and implement designs exactly as you envision them.

Grow your skills

As you use the Kanecode platform, it guides you as you add new functionality, scale an application, or insert security protocols.

Design responsive applications

Your designs are automatically implemented to respond to any screen or device. Save time and avoid having to design multiple versions for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

your offerings

Our drag-and-drop system makes it easy to add development skills to your portfolio. Create whatever you have envisioned with complete flexibility to move designs to third-party platforms.

You can deliver a wide range of new applications to meet clients' needs?from web portals to e-commerce, business, or content management applications.

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