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Periodic Inspection System


Periodic Inspection System


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Periodic Inspection System

Grupo Cobra needed an application that will help automate its maintenance management and assignment.

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Grupo Cobra: industrial subsidiary of ACS. It is one of the largest Spanish companies in the construction sector; They are in charge of carrying out the maintenance, as well as the service of electricity, gas, water and communications distribution networks. Every year it coordinates the management of a large number of services and technicians assigned to them, which must follow a strict safety standard and current European and Spanish regulations.

The problem

For years Grupo Cobra has carried out the assignment and control of maintenance services through traditional office automation tools, mainly spreadsheets, which leads to having to perform a series of repetitive tasks manually, which increases the risk of making mistakes when assigning tasks and following security protocols.

They tried to get the company's Central IT Team to develop a tool capable of automating the work, but due to the workload in the IT sector, the application was never realized. So they looked for a way to make, on their own, an application in record time and which could be integrated into the company's Core System.

Kanecode generated a Periodic Inspection Management System, which as a first benefit automates a series of repetitive tasks, which do not add value to the company and therefore it is not necessary to use human resources to execute it.

This system reviews the status of each building and the inspection records of the same, giving precise information to the Construction Managers so that they know: type of maintenance and / or the profile of the worker they must assign.

This allows the work to be carried out following current Safety regulations, in addition, the preparation of the inspection report is automated, as well as the Expiration Management of the equipment and the Work Personnel; which generates a precise and quality control for large-scale infrastructures.



  • Repetitive tasks that add zero value are automated, so workers focus on meeting safety standards and efficient management.
  • Dependence on the central IT team is eliminated, since the application was generated within the team that uses it on a day-to-day basis.
  • The application is easily integrated with the rest of the applications and Core System of the company.
  • The application is ready to scale and create new solutions that meet future team needs.
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