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B2B Portal


B2B Portal


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B2B Portal

The company needed to create a B2B portal to better serve its customers.

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Euro Bearings is a wholesale bearing supply company, selling to manufacturers and small resellers. Although some processes had been digitalized across the company, not all were scalable or delivered the required usability. They commissioned Kanecode to develop a portal that enabled direct order entry and delivered information to the central database in real time. Euro Bearings also wanted to improve the look-and-feel of their transactional ERP tools.

The Challenge

Managing paper orders represents a large cost. It also raises the risk of increasing order errors when transcribing paper orders into the information system. The manual process takes longer, and delays result in more calls to customer service and customer dissatisfaction. Euro Bearings also risked losing sales, because competitors' order entry systems were much easier for customers to use

Kanecode develped a B2B portal, which structured all online information and can be managed directly by the company's backoffice. All orders are tracked for fast incident response. The solution quickly integrates all order information with the company's database, as well as provides cloud access to all stakeholders. Now sales, back office, and management teams can easily connect to real-time data over a cell phone from anywhere.

The solution is also scalable. The company can easily launch and integrate CRM capabilities into the tool, develop an e-commerce sales portal, and improve its technical support information system to further automate company resources.



  • Provides immediate, direct access to information and operations
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduces management costs for reinvesting in customer service
  • Opens the door for workers to develop their work remotely
  • Scales easily as user demand increases
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