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E-Commerce Platform


E-Commerce Platform


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Ecommerce Platform

Movistar+ created a direct sales channel where its viewers could buy official series merchandise and keep abreast of new releases and productions.

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Movistar+ launched its first original production in 2017 with a fiction series developed exclusively for Telefónica's channels. Spanish and Latin American audiences loved the series, creating a legion of fans who demanded official merchandising of their favorite series. This created the opportunity for a revenue model that was new for the Hispanic market.

The Challenge

Movistar+ needed to launch its e-commerce platform as a departmental solution developed and managed by the marketing team. It had to be easy to use and not require an IT team to manage or scale it. The solution had to be flexible enough to respond to market needs and easily implemented across the rest of the company's channels and platforms. Movistar+ outsourced the service to Fangazing and Kanecode, who developed a dynamic, flexible e-commerce solution that adapts to the needs of its users.

Kanecode built Movistar + Fanshop, an easy-to-use solution that allows Movistar+ to sell series merchandise directly to its viewers.

The marketing team has full control of the portal, where they can easily upload stock, control the sales process, receive statistics on portal visits, know which products are viewed the most, manage content, and export data to Excel for analysis.

The project's Low-Code architecture enabled easy scalability, making it a simple process to integrate the Fanshop with other Movistar+ platforms and apps. It reliably handles thousands of requests per minute without security failures or system crashes.



  • Adapts to future market needs
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Automates the purchase process
  • Does not require investment in new technology or staff
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